Waves 3

The breaking waves symbol with "The East is Red" inscription worked very well in an upright rectangular format and was widely reproduced in two fairly standard sizes.

isred 03 isred 05 isred 06 isred 04 isred 02 isred 07 isred 01 isred 08

h. 23mm  w. 17mm   1.8g

h. 24mm  w. 17mm   1.7g

h. 32mm  w. 22mm   3.3g

h. 32mm  w. 22mm   3.1g

h. 32mm  w. 22mm   3.5g

h. 33mm  w. 22mm   3.2g

h. 32mm  w. 22mm   3.0g

h. 30mm  w. 20mm   2.2g