Unit 4800

4800 was the Cultural Revolution-era numerical identification code for the 38th Army Corps

48.1 48.1r 48.2 48.2r 48.3 48.3r 48.4 48.4r 48.5 48.5r 48.6 48.6r 48.8 48.8r

46mm   6.7g

42mm   6.0g

42mm   5.4g

38mm   5.3g

40mm   5.2g

42mm   5.5g

45mm   7.7g

44mm   8.0g

Originating in the Northeast Democratic Coalition, it became a part of the 8th Route Army during the Anti-Japanese War. The unit fought in the battle of Pingxingguan as part of the 343rd Brigade of the 115th Division, which at that time was under the command of Lin Biao. During the War of Liberation the 38th Corps was assigned to the 4th Field Army. Its Maozhang uniquely carry two-character reverse inscriptions, such as: huoxian (Firing Line), and tuijin (Drive Forwards).


h. 47mm  w. 45mm    7.9g