Star shapes

Maozhang with a medal-like rayed star shape first appeared in the PLA's "star and bar" issue. The distinctive shape was adopted by other governmental organisations, and was also copied by badge makers such as the Beijing Badge Factory.

Although superficially identical in design there are small variations, mainly in the number of rays between the points of the star and the width of the rayed area.

medstar 9a medstar 2 medstar 3 medstar 4 medstar 5 medstar 6 medstar 7 medstar 8 medstar 9 medstar 1 medstar 9b medstar 9c medstar 9d medstar 9e medstar 9k medstar 9j medstar 9h medstar 9g medstar 9f

h. 31mm  w. 33mm   2.5g

h. 29mm  w. 31mm   2.2g

h. 24mm  w. 25mm   1.8g

h. 27mm  w. 28mm   2.1g

h. 22mm  w. 23mm  1.2g

h. 22mm  w. 23mm   1.4g

h. 30mm  w. 31mm   2.8g

h. 31mm  w. 33mm   2.7g

h. 32mm  w. 34mm   2.6g

h. 26mm  w. 28mm   1.6g

h. 23mm  w. 25mm   1.2g

h. 29mm  w. 30mm   2.1g

h. 23mm  w. 25mm   1.2g

h. 21mm  w. 22mm   1.2g

h. 26mm  w. 27mm   1.6g

h. 18mm  w. 19mm   0.7g

h. 24mm  w. 25mm    1.2g

h. 29mm  w. 31mm   2.7g

h. 31mm  w. 32mm   3.0g

These last two examples were issue by:

(centre) the Political Section of CPC Post and Telecommunications Department

(right) the Weights and Measures Bureau.