Originally a wartime song, with new revolutionary lyrics put to a traditional folk tune, The East is Red became China's unofficial national anthem during the Cultural Revolution.

music 44mm  6.7g east lyrics

"A Revolutionary Song" with lyrics in English put to Chinese musical notation - Middle School English Stage 2 textbook, Fujian Province 1972

44mm   6.7g

"The East is Red" was often used as a slogan inscription on Maozhang.    On the example above the song is "quoted" by the opening four notes in Western musical notation, entirely appropriate for the issuers - the Jinggangshan Red Guards at the Shenyang Conservatory of Music, affiliated to the Liaoning Province Proletarian Revolutionaries.

h. 38mm  w. 36mm   3.9g


The obverse inscription of the badge at right quotes the opening lines of a popular revolutionary song, "Father is dear, Mother is dear, But not so dear as Chairman Mao".

The reverse inscription, is a quotation from Lin Biao, "Sailing the seas depends on the helmsman. Making revolution depends on Mao Zedong Thought", which became the basis for another popular revolutionary song.

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