Shaoshan was the starting point for Mao's journey to Tiananmen and, by association, for China's journey to the People's Republic. This modest, but nevertheless rich, peasant's house was usually shown directly from the front surrounded by a landscape of forested hills. Attempts to vary the image by showing the house from different angles were invariably less successful and some of them reveal a complete lack of architectural understanding on the part of the die cutter.

ss1 ss2 ss5 ss8 ss7 ss3 ss4 shaomodern 40mm   5.5g ss6

32mm   3.7g

h. 32mm  w. 30mm   2.5g

h. 34mm  w. 32mm   2.9g

h. 36mm  w. 33mm   4.0g

30mm   3.6g

h. 41mm  w. 40mm  5.8g

h. 36mm  w. 34mm   5.0g

h. 46mm  w. 44mm   7.1g

40mm   5.5g

- in perspective