1st National Congress

The first National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party opened in secret in this building in Shanghai on 23rd July 1921. Mao attended as a representative of the Hunan branch. Sightings of "suspicious characters", possible police agents, convinced the attendees to relocate to a "houseboat" (more accurately a pleasure craft intended for drinking parties and romantic assignations) on Lake Nanhu, on the southern outskirts of the city. Both locations were celebrated on Maozhang, particularly those produced in Shanghai.

build 1st conf 2 build shanghai 1st meet xingyelu

h. 31mm  w. 29mm   4.0g

31mm   3.7g

build lakeboat1 build lakeboat2 build 1st and 9th

57mm   12.8g

42mm   7.6g

This badge was produced for the ninth National Congress (1st-24th April 1969), which was held in the Great Hall of the People, and juxtaposes the Lake Nanhu boat and Great Hall against a CCP flag with the dates 1921 and 1969.

55mm   11.3g

Copy of Southlakepleasureboat