Pillar or Post?

Tiananmen was the most reproduced non-human image during the Cultural Revolution, and usually just the gateway was depicted. Sometimes one or both Huabiao pillars were included; and sometimes one or more of the ornate lampposts. Although there is no apparent logic to these alternative images, it is noteworthy that a Huabiao pillar could be used as synecdoche to represent Tiananmen as in the example at left.

synecdoche post1 post2 pillar1 pillar2 fw7 fatfacesunseverse

42mm   8.3g

55mm   11.6g

40mm   6.0g

h. 60mm  w. 59mm   13.4g

46mm   8.2g

40mm   6.4g

58mm   15.5g

shandong75 sport Beijing76 shanghai 65 guizhou73 middle school Beijing74

Sport masthead book Beijing 1976

Masthead book Shandong 1975

Masthead book Shanghai 1965

Masthead book Guizhou 1973

Cover of middle school textbook, Beijing 1974