National Day 1967

The 1967 National Day parade in Beijing was perhaps the most "revolutionary" that the capital had ever witnessed. Never again would a giant model of Mao's "Bombard the Headquarters" big-character poster be carried through Tiananmen Square. Although the PLA were there in force, they were outnumbered by massed ranks of Red Guards, workers and peasants. Especially prominent were 15,000 literary and art workers accompanying eight floats depicting the newly announced model revolutionary works. China's recent explosion of a hydrogen bomb was also celebrated. 

By contrast with 1968 and 1969, however, badges issued to commemorate the event were considerably more modest.

67nd 1 67nd 5 67nd 3 67nd 2 67nd7 67nd 6 67nd 4 shangcong18th 67 film exhib

h. 25mm  w. 17mm   2.1g

h. 25mm  w. 18mm   1.6g

h. 30mm  w. 19mm   1.6g

h. 26mm  w. 15mm   1.2g

h. 22mm  w. 21mm   1.4g

h. 16mm  w. 30mm   1.7g

h. 27mm  w. 17mm   1.5g

h. 21mm  w. 16mm   1.2g

h. 27mm  w. 16mm   1.1g

Above left: badge commemorating a celebratory film festival or photography exhibition.

Above right: badge issued by the Shanghai Worker Exchange System National Day Conference.