The plant shown on these badges is the Sacred Lily (Rohdea japonica); in Chinese it is wannianqing, meaning "10,000 years green". The plant is native to southern China, where is grows in moist forests and grassy hillsides between 700-1500m. A perennial, it flowers in early summer and bears a single cluster of berries in autumn.

Rohdea japonica is an auspicious plant that is considered a good gift - it carries the wish for many generations to prosper. Two other factors made it especially appropriate for Maozhang; it is a minor, but neverthess potent, ingredient of Chinese traditional medicine, and its berries are bright, red and shiny.

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h. 29mm  w. 20mm   2.5g

h. 28mm  w. 20mm   2.8g

h.31mm   w. 20mm   2.8g

h. 31mm  w. 22mm   3.5g

26mm   2.1g

h. 14mm  w. 24mm   1.2g

h. 16mm  w. 26mm   1.2g

Schrift (2001, plate 2) dates these badges to 1966