Hong Kong

The British colony of Hong Kong was hardly immune from the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution, which provoked strikes, demonstrations and full-scale riots. Maozhang were commonplace, and while most were imported from Guangzhou and other nearby mainland cities, some were manufactured in the colony. Although somewhat staid in design, Hong Kong badges are characterised by their relatively large size and high-quality surface finish on both obverse and reverse.


Right: an anonymous loyalty badge made in Hong Kong.

Hk+K  boundary comm2 HK+K boundary comm H+K catering nat day HK loyalty HK school HK propaganda HK loyalty2

60mm   16.5g

The two badges below implicitly commemorate the July 1967 anti-British riots in Hong Kong. The reverse inscription "Hong Kong and Kowloon Fight Committee" is an abreviated form of the "Hong Kong and Kowloon compatriots of all professions oppose the Hong Kong British persecution and struggle committee", an organisation closely associated with the riots.

49mm   11.1g

46mm   11.3g

Below are two badges produced for the People's Republic of China National Day 1968.

At left: badge issued on behalf of the Hong Kong and Kowloon Catering Industry.

At right: badge issued by a Hong Kong-based Mao Zedong Thought Propaganda Team

52mm   12.7g

h. 57mm  w. 53mm   15.0g

Below left: issued by the Pui Kui Middle School, a pro-Communist institution founded in 1946 that remained independent until it was taken over by the British authorities in the 1970s. Below right: issued for Hong Kong light industrial workers.

45mm   9.3g

61mm   17.6g

HK light

55mm   14.1g

50mm   10.1g

Below left: anonymous, Loyalty; below right: anonymous, PRC's 19th National Day

hk ppls war kong

The badge above left commemorates the CCP's official birthday (1st July) in 1968 . The badge above right was issued for Army Day 1968 and bears the reverse inscription, "Long Live the Success of the People's War", a slogan attributed to Lin Biao.

55mm   13.2g

hk 9th nat hkpartyday

60mm   17.1g

The tiny character "kong" at the bottom identifies these badges as being made in Hong Kong.