Hammer and Sickle Reverses

The hammer and sickle, representing the "alliance" between agricultural and industrial workers, is the symbol of the CCP. It appears on the Party flag but is absent from the national flag and emblem. The hammer and sickle symbol appears on the obverse of numerous Maozhang, especially those issued to commemorate Party Day (July 1st) or the Ninth National Congress; on the reverse however, the symbol is relatively uncommon compared to stars, hearts, or the loyalty character.

h and s 1

h. 41mm  w. 38mm   4.9g

h and s 2 h and s 4 h and s 5 h and s 6

h. 35mm  w. 33mm   3.7g

h. 36mm  w. 32mm   3.9g

h. 36mm  w. 33mm   4.0g

h. 37mm  w. 35mm   4.3g

h and s 7 h and s 3

51mm   11.2g

33mm   3.8g