Grasp Revolution, Promote Production

This slogan, which first appeared in People's Daily in November 1966, is perhaps linked to the decision to permit industrial workers to participate in the Cultural Revolution. It also reinforces the Party's long-standing obsession with increased productivity.


As the panorama below the flags makes clear, there were three strategically important strands to the productivity drive: industrial production; agricultural production; and socialist construction in the form of dams for power and irrigation, rural electrification, and landscape modification.

h. 41mm  w. 38mm   4.9g

h. 38mm  w. 35mm   4.8g

flag grasp promote flag grasp promote2 smgrasp2 smgrasp1 grasp detail

Extractive industry and factories

Dam, power line, and terraced hillside

Agricultural machinery

h. 13mm  w. 24mm   1.0g

h. 13mm  w. 24mm   1.0g