Friendship Pass

Friendship Pass is the current name for the main border crossing between Guangxi and Vietnam. The fortified gateway dates to the Ming Dynasty when it was known as the "South Defending Pass". In 1965 the name was changed to Friendship Pass to demonstrate the close ties between China and Vietnam during the war for the liberation of South Vietnam. The close association of anti-aircraft guns with Friendship Pass on two of these badges perhaps reflects a not entirely unwarranted Chinese fear that US bombing raids on North Vietnam might stray across the border.

friensship pass 1

42mm   6.9g

Reverse inscription: "Aid Vietnam Against America, Guangxi Military Region Command"

36mm   4.5g

inscription: "Make new contributions"

42mm   7.8g

airdef4 freegate3 pass 2 a Copy of P1040253 pass 2 c pass 2 b cong nb

Middle School textbook, Beijing 1971

"Wipe Out the US Aggressors"

Militia notebook cover - Fuzhou 1969

42mm    5.7g

"Support Vietnam, Resist the US - Achieve new things"

41mm   6.8g

Masthead book, Beijing 1972

42mm   7.6g

"Serve the People of China and All the People of the World"

vc plane