From strings of street-corner New Year firecrackers to massive star-burst rockets, fireworks are an indelible component of Chinese culture. However, fireworks had become globalised long before the Cultural Revolution and the spectacular displays above Tiananmen Square held no particular cultural or revolutionary significance; similar displays, celebrating a multitude of different events, could be viewed in cities across the world.

nat day 1966a fw3 fw1 fw2 fw7

63mm   18.8g

63mm   17.1g

67mm   17.5g

h. 60mm  w. 59mm   13.4g

Tiananmen Square, National Day 1966


42mm   4.8g

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40mm   6.9g

40mm   6.2g

set8 set8 r

h. 53mm  w. 50mm    8.9g