In English

English is the most frequently encountered foreign language on the obverse of Maozhang made in Shanghai and Guangzhou for distribution in Hong Kong and through overseas outlets such as China Books. Some of the plastic examples below may well have been produced in Hong Kong or Macau for reasons of commercial gain rather than for furthering the cause of world revolution.

plastic eng4 plastic eng2 plastic eng3 plastic eng1 eng2 eng1

h. 14mm  w. 30mm   1.2g


Minature plastic "Mao's Book" badges were made in several languages.

h. 12mm  w. 29mm   1.2g


h. 15mm  w. 35mm   1.2g



h. 25mm  w. 17m   1.5g

h. 15mm  w. 32m   2.3g

h. 25mm  w. 18mm   1.2g