Capital Administration

No-one, least of all Mao himself, denied that the Cultural Revolution was disruptive; however, with the exception of the closed schools and universities, society was expected to function as normal. This was particularly the case in Beijing where things had to be seen to be running smoothly. Municipal employees were permitted to participate in the Cultural Revolution provided that essential services and supplies were not interrupted.

The badge at right is a "red souvenir" issued by the Beijing Metallurgical Administration Office, which presumably had no difficulty in obtaining a sufficient quantity of aluminium.

beijing metallurgical admin capital food and resturant beijing grain and oil beijing equip installation rw5

52mm   10.8g

Below left: loyalty badge issued by the Capital Resturant and Food Shop Commission

Below right: badge issued by Proletarian Revolutionaries at the Beijing Oil and Grain Administration Office

58mm   13.4g

46mm   7.3g

43mm   7.1g

h. 27mm  w. 19mm   2.2g

The above badge was issued by the Beijing Equipment Installation Company Revolutionary Committee

The above badge was issued by revolutionaries at the Capital Construction and Repair Liason Bureau who issued a manifesto entitled Capital Red Flag Design that called for architecture to reflect the success of the Cultural Revolution