Many circular Maozhang had an uncoloured outer border that contrasted with the bright red surrounding the Chairman's image. On some badges this border carried an inscription. Where there was no inscription, or it was very short, the border was often embellished with decorative elements such as rays, beads, stars and sunflowers, used singly or in combination.



Decorative borders were frequently employed in printed material before and during the Cultural Revolution, and examples such as those below were a common feature in masthead books.

b groove borders illo3

The most frequently used border was a simple groove that gave the badge a rounded edge.


b beads 3 b beads 2 b beads 5 b beads 1 b beads 4



b rays 1 b rays 6 b rays 5 b rays 7 b rays 3 b rays 4 b rays 2


b stars 2 b stars 1 b stars 3 b stars 4 b stars 7 b stars 6 b stars 5 b stars 8


b sun 01 b sun 02 b sun 03 b sun 04 b sun 05 b sun 06 b sun 07 b sun 08 b sun 09 Copy of P1050248

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