The Chairman's applause was always measured and appropriate. The image of Mao clapping hands could be used non-specifically to evoke approval and celebration. More often it was linked with a specific event, such as PLA Day (below left), or the third anniversary of the 16th May Circular (below right).

2clapself 40mm  5.8g 2clap2  46mm  7.5g 2clap1 50mm  9.4g

46mm   7.5g

40mm   5.8g

50mm   9.4g

plastic applause

59mm   8.4g

Hard plastic

big 9th applause

h. 100mm  w. 91mm   48.4g

The impressively large badge at left was presented to the Ninth Party Congress by the  revolutionary committee at the Jiangling Factory "under military management". The Jiangling Factory (which in the 1960s was located in Chongqing) had its origins in the Shanghai Marine Artillery Bureau, founded in 1862 as China's first western-style military ordnance depot.